South Korea’s CJ 4DPLEX announced at CinemaCon that it is bringing its 4DX cinema technology to Australia and Angola.

In a partnership with Australia’s Village Cinemas, one of Australia’s largest exhibitors, CJ will install its 4D cinema technology in Melbourne’s Century City cinema. Village Cinemas is operated by Village Roadshow, who currently operates 600 cinemas across 3 countries.

Meanwhile, CJ 4DPLEX also signed a new partnership with Angola’s Cinemax chain, with plans to build three 4DX auditoriums in the capital city of Luanda by the end of 2020. The first auditorium, at the Cinema Talatona, is expected to open later this year.

The company also introduced new motion seats with more flexible movements and a new VR sport attraction unit at CinemaCon this week.

Available in 370 locations in 47 countries and regions, the 4DX technology lets viewers experience films in motion seats and various environmental effects. CJ 4DPLEX is a subsidiary of CJ Corporation, whose CGV cinema chain has the largest market share in South Korea.