The 19th Udine Far East Film Festival (April 21-29) has announced its first titles and 13 projects for its Focus Asia project market.

The festival’s first titles include Pang Ho-Cheung’s Love Off the Cuff (春嬌救志明), the third installment in his romantic comedy series, Jason Kwan’s A Nail Clipper Romance (指甲刀人魔) – also produced by Pang – Jun Robles Lana’s Die Beautiful, Herman Yau’s horror thriller The Sleep Curse (失眠), Stanley Tong’s Kung Fu Yoga (功夫瑜伽) and Wei Te-sheng’s musical 52 Hz I Love You.

Late last month, the festival also announced that it would hold a retrospective highlight post-handover Hong Kong films to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the handover, led by the international premiere of the newly restored version of Fruit Chan’s Made in Hong Kong (香港製造). Titled Creative Visions: Hong Kong Cinema 1997-2017, the Create Hong Kong-sponsored program includes films not included in the Hong Kong International Film Festival’s post-handover program, including The Mission (鎗火), After This Our Exile (父子) and Ip Man (葉問).

The full line-up will be announced on April 13th

Earlier this week, the festival also announced the genre film projects for the second edition of its Focus Asia project market. Chosen from 72 projects, the selected films include Cheng Wei-hao’s Last Memory, Mattie Do’s The Long Walk and Dain Iskandar Said’s Vektor. In addition to one-on-meetings with potential financiers, the project market will also include seminars and cast studies.

Focus Asia 2017 projects

30 Thousand Kicks (Dir: Santiago Alvarado) (Spain)

Abracadabra (Dir: Faozan Rizal) (Indonesia, France)

Alone Like a Fool (Dir: Yutaka Tsuchiya) (Japan)

Femme Fatale (Dir: Kyoko Miyake) (France, Sweden)

Last Memory (Dir: Cheng Wei-hao) (Taiwan)

Mr. Zhang (Dir: Patrizio Gioffredi) (Italy)

The Inheritance (Dir: João Cândido Zacharias) (Brazil)

The Long Walk (Dir: Mattie Do) (Laos, France)

The Watchers (Italy)

Tiong Bahru Social Club (Dir: Bee Thiam Tan) (Singapore)

Trials of Chul (Dir: Danilo Bećković) (Serbia)

Vektor (Dir: Dain Iskander Said) (Malaysia)

Vesper Seeds (Dir: Kristina Buozyte and Bruno Samper) (Lithuania)