Note: US$ rate is based on exchange rate at time of writing

Note: All numbers are only for Taipei unless otherwise noted. Nationwide numbers are not released to the public until one month after a film’s opening date.

Despite torrential rain that shut down part of the country and Saturday being officially deemed a working day (to make up for the pre-Duanwu Festival holiday earlier in the week), audiences turned out to catch Wonder Woman in action in Taiwan last weekend.

Opening last Tuesday for the Duanwu Festival, Wonder Woman earned NT$51.7 million (US$1.72 million) from 24 locations over six days in capital city Taipei – including NT$27.5 million (US$914,000) between Friday and Sunday.

The weekend gross is slightly lower than last year’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, which earned NT$38.2 million (US$1.27 million) from 23 locations in Taipei over three days for a total gross of NT$88.6 million (US$2.94 million). However, Wonder Woman did give Warner Brothers Taiwan its best opening weekend of 2017.

Suffering a week-on-week drop of 69%, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales dropped to second place, earning NT$7.97 million (US$265,000) from 25 locations in Taipei between Friday and Sunday. The Walt Disney release has made NT$59.6 million (US$1.98 million) in the capital city after two weekends.

Local dramedy Didi’s Dreams (吃吃的愛), meanwhile, remained strong in its second weekend, partly thanks to a strong head start over the extended Duanwu Festival holiday. With a week-on-week drop of only 29%, the film earned an additional NT$4.24 million (US$141,000) from 17 locations in Taipei between Friday and Sunday. After two weekends, the Kevin Tsai film has made NT$17.5 million (US$582,000).

Based on only Taipei grosses, Didi’s Dream has already surpassed this year’s Lunar New Year releases to become the highest grossing local film of 2017. However, it will have to beat the NT$69.2 milliion (US$2.3 million) nationwide gross of Chu Ke-liang’s Hanky Panky (大釣哥) for it to be official. Nationwide numbers will be made available in early July.

Didi’s Dream stars Dee Hsu – Tsai’s co-host in defunct ultra-popular Taiwan talk show Kangxi Lai Le (康熙來了) – as a struggling actress living in the shadow of her superstar older sister, played by Lin Chi-ling.

Herman Yau’s The Sleep Curse (失眠) opened in fifth place, earning NT$1.56 million (US$51,800) from nine Taipei locations over three days. Distributor Sky Films released the original uncut version that has been playing at film festivals around the world.

After an expansion to two cinemas and additional screenings over the weekend, local cult hit The Story in Taipei (台北物語) entered the top ten for the first time. With a week-on-week increase of 102%, the film earned an additional NT$654,000 (US$21,700) between Friday and Sunday for a total of NT$1.67 million (US$55,500) after 17 days on release. The film had the second highest per-screen average for the weekend.

However, some in the film industry have already voiced doubts over the success of the film, lamenting that Story in Taipei built better word-of-mouth through overwhelmingly negative reviews than quality local films.

After 73 days on release, Bollywood drama Dangal is still on the top ten. In sixth place, the film earned an additional NT$950,000 (US$31,600) from 12 Taipei cinemas for a total of NT$65.2 million (US$2.17 million) in the capital city. It will surpass Split this week to become the fifth-highest grossing film in Taipei this year. It is the only Asian film in the top ten.

According to official numbers from the Taiwan Film Institute, Dangal has made NT$160 million (US$5.33 million) nationwide as of June 4th.

Golden Horse winner The Summer is Gone (八月) and Gukoroku – Traces of Sin (愚行録) open this weekend.