Hollywood thriller The Mummy has set a new opening day record in South Korea.

Opening on the Memorial Day holiday on 1,257 screens, The Mummy earned ₩7.39 billion (US$6.57 million) from 873,101 admissions on Tuesday.

It surpasses last year’s record set by Train to Busan (부산행), which opened with ₩6.56 billion (US$5.83 million) from 872,673 admissions on 1,571 screens. The Next Entertainment World release also set a single-day gross record, earning ₩10.9 billion (US$9.69 million) from 1.28 million admissions on its fourth day on release. The zombie thriller would earned ₩93.2 billion (US$82.8 million) from 11.6 million admissions, the 11th most-watched film of all-time in the country.

Previous record holders for the best opening day include Roaring Currents (명량회오리 바다) – currently the highest-grossing South Korean film of all time – and Kundo: Age of the Rampant (군도: 민란의 시대).

Tom Cruise’s highest grossing film in South Korea is Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol. That film opened in December 2011 with ₩1.92 billion (US$1.71 million) from 265,000 admissions for a total of ₩57.8 billion (US$51.4 million) from 7.58 million admissions. Whether The Mummy will match or surpass that number depends on its performance this weekend and whether word-of-mouth will carry it in the coming weeks.