After a record-breaking opening day on Tuesday, The Mummy easily held on to the top of the South Korea box office through the weekend.

Accounting for 51.8 % of total box office revenue for the weekend, the Alex Kurtzman film earned ₩9.67 billion (US$8.58 million) from 1.13 million admissions between Friday and Sunday. After six days on release, the supernatural thriller has made ₩20.0 billion (US$17.8 million) from 2.38 million admissions.

Even though it set a new record for the best opening day of all-time in South Korea, the film failed to break the single-day gross record set by Train to Busan last year. Star Tom Cruise’s best opening weekend in South Korea still belongs to Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation.

The Villainess (악녀) opened in second place. Opening on Thursday, the Next Entertainment World release earned ₩3.78 billion (US$3.36 million) from 459,000 admissions over its first four days on release.

The Jung Byung-gil film stars Kim Ok-bin as a trained assassin who is forced to work for an intelligence agency when she is arrested. The action thriller had its world premiere as a midnight screening film at the Cannes Film Festival last month.

In 2012, Jung’s Confession of Murder (내가 살인범이다) earned ₩20.4 billion (US$18.1 million) from 2.73 million admissions during its theatrical run. Its Japanese remake – Memoirs of a Murderer (22年目の告白私が殺人犯です―) – opened in Japan last weekend.

Japanese drama Midnight Diner 2 (続‧深夜食堂), based on the popular television series, opened in tenth place, earning ₩170 million (US$151,000) from 21,200 admissions over its first four days on release.

In 2015, Midnight Diner (深夜食堂) earned ₩333 million (US$296,000) from 40,900 admissions over its first four days on release for a total of ₩1.04 billion (US$926,000) 132,000 admissions. A Korean remake of the television series aired on Korean television that same year.

Despite a strong performance in North America, Wonder Woman suffered a week-on-week drop of 72.4% in its second weekend in South Korea. The Warner Brothers released earned an additional ₩1.99 billion (US$1.77 million) from 241,000 admissions between Friday and Sunday. The DC Extended Universe film has made ₩15.1 billion (US$13.4 million) from 1.86 million admissions after two weekends.

However, the largest week-on-week drop in the top ten belongs to Warriors of the Dawn (대립군). Suffering from a drastic reduction in screenings by local cinemas, the 20th Century Fox Korea production made only ₩277 million (US$246,000) from 35,300 admissions between Friday and Sunday, representing a week-on-week drop of 91%. The period drama has made ₩6.01 billion (US$5.34 million) from 793,000 admissions after two weekends.

After three weekends, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales has made ₩23.6 billion (US$21 million) from 2.88 million admissions and Our President (노무현입니다) has made ₩12.4 billion (US$11 million) from 1.57 million admissions. Get Out has made ₩17.2 billion (US$15.3 million) from 2.11 million admissions after four weekends.

CGV Arthouse’s A Day (하루) opens this weekend.