An annual tradition, Chinese film giant Huayi Brothers held a press event to unveil their upcoming projects during the Shanghai International Film Festival.

The company’s upcoming releases include martial arts spoof The One (絕世高手) from actor-director Lu Zhengyu, set for release on July 7th. The film stars Lu, Amber Kuo, Fan Wei and Joan Chen.

Opening on August 25th is crime thriller Explosion (引爆者), which was just chosen late last week as the closing film of the Shanghai International Film Festival. Directed by Chang Zheng, the film stars Duan Yihong, Yu Nan and Wang Jingchun.

Coming just months after his contract with Beijing Ducks was terminated is My Other Home (我是馬布里), about basketball star Stephon Marbury’s time playing in the Chinese Basketball Association. Directed by Larry Yang, the film stars Marbury as himself alongside Wu Chun and He Bing. Fellow basketball players Allen Iverson and Baron Davis also make appearances in the film, set for release in August.

Coming just before the National Day holiday in early October is Feng Xiaogang’s Youth (芳華), about the trials and tribulations of a military performance troupe in the 1970s. The screenplay is written by novelist Yan Geling, who also penned the screenplay for Zhang Yimou’s Coming Home (歸來) and The Flowers of War (金陵十三釵).

The company also announced several projects going into production this year. Despite the disappointing performance of the 2015 sequel, Tian Yusheng is set to make a second sequel to sleeper hit The Ex-Files (前任攻略). Han Geng – who didn’t appear in the second instalment – is expected to return alongside Ryan Zhang.

Taiwan’s Kevin Ko, who made his feature film debut with slasher Invitation Only (絕命派對) makes the jump to the Chinese film industry with The Dude’s Manual (完全男生手冊), starring Dong Zijian. No additional information was given about the romantic comedy.

Director Guan Hu is following up his hit drama Mr. Six (老炮兒) with big-budget war drama 八佰, which depicts 423 soldiers’ successful defense of Shanghai’s Sihang warehouse against the Imperial Japanese army in 1937. The film is expected to begin production in Suzhou in September.

Lastly, Huayi announced that it is working with Aimmedia on a remake of French film La Beom, the 1980 debut of actress Sophie Marceau. Aimmedia’s Li Yaping said at the unveiling that the company will hold nationwide auditions for the female lead. It is set for release in 2018.