At the press conference for Outrage: Coda (アウトレイジ 最終章) at the Venice Film Festival, Takeshi Kitano teased that he will have a complete change of pace for his next directorial effort.

The popular actor/director/television personality says that he is preparing an adaptation of his upcoming novel Analogue (アナログ). “I’m really tired of filming violence, so I’m preparing to make a gentler film this time,” Kitano said at the press conference. He didn’t offer additional details about the project.

According to an introduction on the website of publisher Shinchosha, Analogue – published under Kitano’s stage name Beat Takeshi – is a pure love story set in a digital world. The novel is set for release in Japan on September 22nd.

The final installment of Kitano’s yakuza drama series, Outrage: Coda closed the Venice Film Festival this past weekend. It is set for theatrical release in Japan on October 7th.