Chinese dark comedy Free and Easy (輕鬆+愉快) won the Grand Prize at the 11th Five Flavours Film Festival in Warsaw (November 15th-22nd).

The Geng Jun film, about con men in an abandoned factory town in northern China, was chosen from 11 films in the festival’s New Asian Cinema competition by a People’s Jury made up of eleven local Asian cinema fans.

The jury says that the film won as “a brave social satire disregarding the censorship, for creating a unique cinematic space in which the Chinese province becomes the background for an ironic tale of evil, and for the subversive use of soap as a weapon of mass destruction.” Geng will receive a cash prize of 3,500 Euros.

The comedy is also nominated for four awards at the Golden Horse Awards.

Vietnamese horror film KFC also received a Special Mention from the jury “for combining genre conventions with a non-compromising, auteur vision, for the pop cultural potential and a pioneering contribution to Vietnamese exploitation cinema, and finally for crossing the borders of taste between Coca Cola and Pepsi.”

Meanwhile, the NETPAC jury gave its Jury Award to Indonesia’s Marlina The Murderer in Four Acts (Marlina Si Pembunuh Dalam Empat Babak). Five Flavours will distribute the film locally some time next year.

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