The 41st Hong Kong International Film Festival (April 11-25) will open this year with Pang Ho-Cheung’s Love Off the Cuff (春嬌救志明).

The third film in the popular romantic comedy series, Cuff follows the two lead characters (Miriam Yeung and Shawn Yue) as they grapple with long-gestating issues in their seven-year-relationship. The series’ second film, Love in a Buff (春嬌與志明), also opened the festival in 2012.

This is also the third film by Pang to open the festival; his ambitious ensemble drama Aberdeen was the festival opener along with Fruit Chan’s The Midnight After (那夜凌晨,我坐上了旺角開往大埔的紅VAN) in 2014.

Love Off the Cuff opens in Hong Kong and China cinemas on April 27th.