Sparkle Roll Media, part of Hong Kong-based Sparkle Roll Group, has launched a new Hong Kong-based international sales arm. The company shares the same parent company as the SR Jackie Chan cinema chain in China and has distributed Chan’s most recent productions.

The company’s first market slate at this year’s Hong Kong FilMart (March 13-16) includes three projects: Sun Lin’s Jackie Chan: Down to Earth (原來月亮上沒有嫦娥), a documentary about the evolution of Chan’s films over the past five decades, Feng Xiaogang’s latest film Fang Hua (芳華), about the ups and downs in the lives of a Military Cultural Troupe, and Ding Sheng’s A Better Tomorrow 4 (英雄本色 4), a remake/reboot of the classic John Woo film.

The new division is headed by former We Pictures executive Andree Sham and former Fortissimo marketing head Will Lin.