Note: HK$ rate based on exchange rate at time of writing

Despite a disappointing opening weekend in North America, Ghost in the Shell had a solid opening at the top of the Hong Kong box office.

From 46 locations, the sci-fi thriller earned HK$9.03 million (US$1.16 million) over its first four days of release. The film had a two-week shoot in Hong Kong, and a number of the city’s location were used for exterior scenes.

In July 2014, Lucy opened with HK$10.2 million (US$1.31 million) from 38 locations over its first four days of release for a total of HK$19.7 million (US$2.53 million).

Local drama Mad World (一念無明) opened in third place, earning HK$3.11 million (US$401,000) from 36 locations over its first four days of release plus previews. The Wong Chun film is one of the first projects from the Hong Kong government’s First Film Initiative. In addition to eight Hong Kong Film Award nominations, the Golden Scene release has already won a slew of awards abroad, most recently the Grand Prix at the Osaka Asian Film Festival.

Last August, Weeds on Fire (點五步), another project of the First Film Initiative, earned HK$4.7 million (US604,000).

Two Japanese animated films also had very strong opening weekends on limited release.

From 15 locations, Sword Art Online the Movie: Ordinal Scale (劇場版 ソードアート‧オンラインオーディナル‧スケール-) earned HK$2.05 million (US$264,000) over its first four days of release. The animated film is based on the successful light novel series and subsequent video game series.

From 8 locations, Sunao Katabuchi’s In This Corner of the World (この世界の片隅に) earned HK$869,000 (US$112,000) over its first four days of release plus previews. Release locally by Edko Films, the Hiroshima-set wartime drama most recently won the Best Animated Film award at the Japan Academy Prize.

From 7 locations with limited showings, Chang Er’s The Wasted Times earned only HK$68,900 (US$8,860) over its first four days of release. The offbeat wartime drama stars Ge You, Zhang Ziyi and Tadanobu Asian.

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast dropped to second place, earning HK$7.67 million (US$986,000) from 45 locations between Thursday and Sunday. The fantasy romance has earned HK$60.2 million (US$7.75 million) after three weekends.

Life has made HK$7.54 million (US$970,000) after two weekends. Vampire Cleanup Department (救殭清道夫) has earned HK$4.88 million (US$627,000) after three weekends. Kong: Skull Island has made HK$25.7 million (US$3.30 million) after four weekends.

Hong Sang-soo’s On the Beach at Night Alone (밤의 해변에서 혼자), Korean action thriller Fabricated City (조작된 도시), Japanese biopic A Man Called Pirate (海賊とよばれた男), Extraordinary Mission (非凡任務), A United Kingdom and Hell Or High Water open this weekend.