Note: HK$ rate is based on exchange rate at time of writing

A packed weekend with eight new films didn’t stop Alien: Covenant from taking the second consecutive weekend win at the Hong Kong box office.

The sci-fi horror film earned an additional HK$6.04 million (US$775,000) from 47 locations between Thursday and Sunday. It has now made a total of HK$22.9 million (US$2.94 million) after two weekends.

Local comedy-drama 29+1 also remained in second place, earning an additional HK$2.71 million (US$348,000) from 40 locations between Thursday and Sunday for a week-on-week drop of only 8.2%. The Kearen Pang film has now made HK$8.38 million (US$1.08 million) after two weekends.

Get Out was the most successful newcomer in third place. From 26 locations, the horror comedy earned HK$2.45 million (US$315,000) over its first four days on release.

Lawrence Lau’s Dealer/Healer (毒。誡) opened in fourth place, earning HK$2.21 million (US$284,000) from 32 locations over its first four days on release. Based on the true story of Peter Chan, who also produced the film, Dealer stars Lan Ching-wan as a drug dealer who becomes a social worker who helps juvenile delinquents quit drugs after he is sent to prison. The drama co-stars Louis Too, Gordon Lam and Max Zhang.

Herman Yau’s latest category-III horror film The Sleep Curse (失眠) opened in fifth place, earning HK$1.63 million (US$209,000) from 26 locations on its first four days of release plus early previews. The Emperor release stars Anthony Wong as a medical professor who resorts to horrifying experiments to understand insomnia.

From six locations, Japanese teen romance One Week Friends (一週間フレンズ) earned HK$162,000 (US$20,800) over its first four days on release. Romania’s Graduation, which played in the competition of last year’s Cannes Film Festival, earned HK$66,200 (US$8,510) from two screens over its first four days. From just one screen, Nikkatsu’s Roman Porno reboot film The Dawn of the Felines (牝猫たち) earned HK$59,700 (US$7,670) over its first four days on release.

Love Off The Cuff (春嬌救志明) has made HK$30.2 million (US$3.88 million). Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 has made HK$36.3 million (US$4.66 million).

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Neruda, The Dancer open this weekend.