Note: US$ rate is based on exchange rate at time of writing

Without much competition, Alien: Covenant shot to the top of the China box office with a solid, but unremarkable opening.

With a screening share of 37.7% for the weekend, the sci-fi horror film earned RMB198 million (US$29 million) from approximately 6.18 million admissions over its first three days on release.

The opening can be considered success despite widespread reports of cuts made for the Chinese release. According to reports, about six minutes of material was cut from the original theatrical cut, including some of the gorier shots of the alien creatures (including those in the finale) and a gay kiss.

In 2012, Prometheus earned a total of RMB223 million (US$32.7 million) at the China box office. Covenant will pass that mark by the middle of the week.

The Mummy dropped to second place. Retaining a screening share of 17.9%, the supernatural thriller earned an additional RMB78.8 million (US$11.5 million) from approximately 2.25 million admissions between Friday and Sunday. The Universal Pictures production has made RMB556 million (US$81.6 million) after two weekends.

Wonder Woman dropped to third place, earning RMB44.2 million (US$6.48 million) from 1.24 million admissions between Friday and Sunday for a total of RMB569 million (US$83.5 million) after three weekends. The superhero film retained a screening share of 8.57% over the weekend.

With a screening share of just 4.8%, docudrama Return to the Wolves (重返·狼群) earned RMB12.8 million (US$1.88 million) from approximately 407,000 admissions. Distributed by Enlight’s Youth Enlight Pictures arm and Maoyan Media, the Feng Yi film documents painter Li Weiyi’s efforts to bring a wolf that she raised in the city back to the plains.

Despite the presence of Mike Tyson and Steven Seagal as well as its One Belt One Road-appropriate message, Tan Bing’s China Salesman (中國推銷員) opened with only RMB7.24 million (US$1.06 million) from approximately 233,000 admissions. The film has a screening share of 6.27% over the weekend.

Dangal (दंगल) has made RMB1.26 billion (US$185 million) after seven weekends. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales has made RMB1.16 billion (US$170 million).

Opening day-and-date with North America, Transformers: The Last Knight will likely set box office records when it opens this weekend. Lion, 77 Heartbreaks (原諒他77), and Mr. Zhu’s Summer (豬太狼的夏天) are also opening.