Note: US$ and ¥ rate are based on exchange rate at time of writing

Memoirs of a Murderer (22年目の告白私が殺人犯です―) managed to hold on to a second weekend win at the Japan box office.

Playing in 327 locations, the Yu Irie-directed crime thriller earned an additional ¥262 million (US$2.35 million) from 187,000 admissions on Saturday and Sunday. After two weekends, the Warner Brothers Japan release has earned ¥936 million (US$8.40 million). It is the first local film this year to hold the top spot for longer than one week.

Beauty and the Beast and Hirugao – Love Affairs in the Afternoon (昼顔) switched positions this weekend, with Beauty climbing back up to second place. The Disney fantasy romance earned an additional ¥220 million (US$1.97 million) from 153,000 admissions on Saturday and Sunday for a total of ¥11.6 billion (US$104 million) after nine weekends. It is now the 14th highest grossing foreign film of all time in Japan.

In third place, Hirugao earned an additional ¥194 million (US$1.74 million) from 136,000 admissions on Saturday and Sunday. However, thanks to a strong performance on weekdays, the television drama-based infidelity drama has already made ¥996 million (US$8.94 million), surpassing the total gross of Murderer.

Local horror film Innocent Curse (こどもつかい) opened in fourth place in terms of admissions, earning ¥150 million (US$1.35 million) from 120,000 admissions in 249 locations. The latest film by Ju-on The Grudge (呪怨) director Takashi Shimizu, the Shochiku release is about a mysterious curse involving missing children in a small town.

Opening on just 59 locations, The Irregular at Magic High School The Movie: The Girl Who Calls the Stars (劇場版 魔法科高校の劣等生 星を呼ぶ少女) – based on the popular light novel series by Tsutomu Sato – earned ¥163 million (US$1.46 million) from 107,000 admissions on Saturday and Sunday for an impressive per-screen average of ¥2.86 million (US$25,700).

Opening in 391 screens (including 3-D and other premium formats), King Arthur: Legend of the Sword opened in sixth place, earning only ¥85.3 million (US$764,000) over its first two days on release.

Flowers and Swords (花戦さ) has made ¥526 million (US$4.72 million). Logan has made ¥627 million (US$5.63 million). To Each His Own (ちょっと今から仕事やめてくる) has made ¥747 million (US$6.71 million).

Hacksaw Ridge, Fifty Shades Darker, Marriage (結婚), and When Will You Return (いつまた、君と 何日君再来) – the final work of beloved veteran actress Yoko Nogiwa, who passed away last week – open this week.