Malaysian drama Shuttle Life (分貝人生) was the top winner at the 21st Shanghai International Film Festival’s New Talent Awards, winning three prizes.

The Tan Seng Kiat film won Best Film, Best Actor (Jack Tan of pop duo Thomas Jack), and Best Cinematography. It won three out of the four categories it was nominated in. The jury – led by director Wang Xiaoshuai with director Tan Chui Mui, cinematographer Dong Jinsong, Michael Werner, and actor Joseph Chang – said that their decision for Best Film was unanimous.

The winner of the grand prize at the 2014 Golden Horse Film Project Promotion financial platform, Shuttle Life is a social realist drama about a man trying to reclaim the body of his late sister after a traffic accident.

The only nomination it lost was in Best Director. Japanese actor Takumi Saito won that category with his feature directorial debut Blank 13. The drama is about a man who attends the funeral of his father, whom he hasn’t seen in 13 years.

The Best Actress award went to Adwa Bille for Iranian film Beneath the Silence. The Best Screenplay award went to Chinese drama Sunshine that Can Move Mountains (被陽光移動的山脈).

The winners of the Golden Goblet Award will be revealed at the closing ceremony tomorrow night.