The Golden Horse Film Festival (November 3rd-24th) announced the projects that will be attending this year’s Golden Horse Film Project Promotion platform in Taipei.

The festival says that it received 291 submissions this year, double the number of last year’s entries. As a result, it has chosen 35 projects, setting a new record for the highest number of projects selected in a single year. The Chinese-language projects hail from Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.

The projects include The Beloved Stranger (那個我最親愛的陌生人), the first film by Taiwan director Chang Tso-chi after being released on parole, Singaporean director Royston Tan’s 69, which won the grand prize at Busan’s Asian Film Market in 2012, Kung Fu Kids (小子難纏) by veteran Taiwan director Kevin Chu, Qiu Yang’s Under the Sun (日光之下), the feature length version of the 2015 short film that competed at Cannes Film Festival’s Cinefondation competition (Qiu also won the Palme d’Or for best short film for A Gentle Night this year), Chen Hung-i’s As We Like It (花吃女孩之隨心所欲), The Wharf (重返西園碼頭) by Nezha director Li Shaofeng, Love in Paradise (天堂情人) by Ghost in the Mountains (空山異客) director Yang Heng, Lai Chun-yu’s Where the River Flows (堀川), written by The Terrorizers (恐怖份子) and A Brighter Summer Day (牯嶺街少年殺人事件) co-writer Li Yuan (also known as Hsiao Yeh), and One Fine Day (風和日麗), Malaysian director Tan Seng-kiat’s follow-up to acclaimed social drama and 2014 FPP grand prize winner Shuttle Life (分貝人生).

The 35 projects will compete for the FPP’s NT$1 million (US$32,900) grand prize. Last year’s grand prize winner – Zhao Yi-xiang’s Mosaic Portrait (馬賽克少女) – is expected to begin production next month.

For the first time, the FPP also added five projects under the Work in Progress section. These films are already completed or in post-production and are seeking partners for the next stage. The films are: Long Time No Sea (只有大海知道) by Tsui Ying-hui, Devils Behind Hope’s Death (希望死後魔鬼出) by Children Are Not Afraid of Death, Children Are Afraid of Ghosts (孩子不懼怕死亡,但是害怕魔鬼) director Rong Guanrong, Haote Haote Youth (浩特浩特·) by documentary director Gu Tao, Kafka’s Lovers (XOXO卡夫卡) by novelist Jade Y. Chen and Martin Liu, and Yeh Chia-Ying (掬水月在手) by Chen Tsun-shing.

The Golden Horse Film Project Promotion will be held from November 21st to 23rd, during the last week of the festival.